Kilauea Point

During nesting season this is a popular spot for a number of seabirds. Some of them nest in small burrows in the ground; some on top of the ground in dense shrubbery; other in trees.

lighthouse 1

The white dots on the far hillside are nesting birds (click the photo to zoom).
lighthouse 3

I thought I’d take this shot to pass along to the next of kin. The rock they are standing on can be seen in the photo above. This seemed fairly ill-advised to me.
lighthouse 2

A Red-tailed Tropicbird nesting in a burrow.
wt tropicbird (1)

Cinder Cones at Haleakala National Park

This view is looking East over the Haleakala Crater which is seven miles across.
Haleakala 4 (1)

The hiking paths through the crater provide some sense of scale. In this photo a pair of trail marker posts can (barely) be seen in the lower left corner.
Haleakala 3 (1)

Most of the cinder cones in these photos are 2000 feet below the crater rim. In this photo, the cone in the background is about 600 feet high.
Haleakala 2 (1)
Haleakala 1 (1)