Common Birds

If by ‘common’ one means invasive. We saw the first three while in the airport at Honolulu which is remarkable because we never left the terminal. In Hawaii most of the terminals seem to be open to the outside.

Spotted Dove
spotted dove

Zebra Dove
zebra dove


Red-crested Cardinal
cardinal - red crested

Yellow-billed Cardinal
cardinal - yellow

Monk Seals

Thes guys are endangered. Volunteers patrol the beaches looking for seals that have come ashore and stake out protected areas so they can rest undisturbed.
seals 1

seals 4

seals 3

Kilauea Point

During nesting season this is a popular spot for a number of seabirds. Some of them nest in small burrows in the ground; some on top of the ground in dense shrubbery; other in trees.

lighthouse 1

The white dots on the far hillside are nesting birds (click the photo to zoom).
lighthouse 3

I thought I’d take this shot to pass along to the next of kin. The rock they are standing on can be seen in the photo above. This seemed fairly ill-advised to me.
lighthouse 2

A Red-tailed Tropicbird nesting in a burrow.
wt tropicbird (1)